Welcome to the International Theological Seminary (ITS) Library!

The ITS library collections consist of books (English, Chinese, Korean, etc.), dissertations/theses, CDs, DVDs and magazines. At present, more than 36,000 titles of books are cataloged and classified using the Library of Congress (LC) Classification system. International Theological Seminary is a member of the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) and Southern California Area Theological Library Association (SCATLA) Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) and an affiliate member of Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC).


Locating Materials

  • Book search is made through the use of OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).
  • Search can be by author, title, keyword, or subject in bib-base, on our online library catalog.
  • The online catalog is available on both iPhone and Android cellphone apps; please consult the librarian for installation.

Checking Out Materials

  • Valid student/visitor ID card is required to check out or renew books.
  • Maximum number of items is 10 books for current students and 5 books for non-current students.
  • Circulations books may be checked out for three weeks and may be renewed once unless there is a no-hold restriction on the material.
  • Any overdue fine on checked out material must be paid before the item can be renewed.
  • DVDs may be checked out (maximum of 2 copies) for two days. Overdue charge is $1.00/item/day. Overdue period in excess of one month is considered as lost. Lost visual medial will incur $50 replacement charge.
  • CDs may be checked out (maximum of 2 copies) for two days. Overdue charge is $1.00/CD/day. Overdue period in excess of one month is considered as lost. Lost video material will incur a $50 replacement charge.

Fines on overdue and lost materials

  • Overdue books are charged at $.025/ book per day to the maximum replacement cost of books. Overdue reference or reserved books are charged at $0.25/ book per hour to the maximum replacement cost of books.
  • Lost books must be replaced with the same or similar materials, plus charge of $0.00 per soft cover item or $50 per hard cover item.
  • Three-months overdue is considered as lost.
  • Past due item(s) or unpaid fines in excess of one month will result in the revocation of borrowing privileges until the issue resolved.

On-site Materials

  • Reference books, reserved books, and dissertations/theses are strictly for on-site use only, and not to be taken out of the library. However, special arrangement can be made for some materials to be checked out overnight (must return by 11 am the following morning or the following Monday).
  • The circulation desk staff can put a hold on any circulating book except for reserve materials. You will be contacted when the book is available for check out.
  • Printouts are available from the black and white laser printer for 5 cents per page. Copying is allowed only on one side, not on both sides. All pages must be paid for, even if a copy was made by mistake.  Please consult the librarian for color printing.



  • The computer lab is for any student who needs a word processing device and internet access.
  • Students may ask for computer assistance from the student intern who is on duty. Students should bring virus-free thumb drives or USBs to save their own work.
  • Students are not allowed to alter any programs/settings; any attempt to do so will result in the loss of his/her right to computer privileges.
  • Use the internet discriminately. Do not access inappropriate websites that violate school ethics. Violators will be reported to school officers for proper sanction.


If you have any questions or require assistance in your search, please contact Susan Liu at library@itsla.edu or 626-448-0023 ext. 106.